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SportFlip  currently works with iOS phones.   Download now from the App Store.

SportFlip currently works with iOS phones.  Download now from the App Store.

Notifications sent to your phone.

SportFlip is simple: find a televised game on our scoreboard, select the types of notifications you want to receive for that game and you're done. You can now flip channels with confidence knowing the SportFlip notification algorithm (patent pending) will let you know when your game is back on.  


1. Commercials are boring

2. Rain delays are the worst

3. DVRing a live sporting event sucks 

4. Watching a game is like dating, not marriage;
  I'm allowed to look around for something better 

5. I'll give you my remote when you pry it
from my cold, dead hands

With this in mind, we created SportFlip.



SportFlip Unlimited

Ready to take this relationship to the next level? Sign up for a SportFlip Unlimited account for just $0.99 per month and follow all the games you want.  Within the app, click on "upgrade" to get started.  Don't have SportFlip yet?  Download it here.

Here at the SportFlip office, we watch a lot of sports, like A LOT of sports.

Tuesday night MAC football? Obviously, we love #MACtion.

Rams at 49ers? Every Jared Goff snap is must see TV.

Rockies at Padres? Wouldn’t miss it.

Tulsa at Stephen F. Austin? Dude, did you not watch the Lumberjacks in the tournament last season?

Sharks at Jets? This isn’t Westside Story, this game matters.   

If you watch sports like we watch sports, you’re going to want to unlock the complete scoreboard with a SportFlip Unlimited account. Upgrade your account today.

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